Reporting Trends: Enough green whitewash?

Escaping the Greenwashing Trap with Genuine Transparency, Consistency, and Proportionality

In this age of environmental consciousness, Prof. Dr. Ralf Frank, our Managing Director of Sustainserv Germany, pointed out a sore issue in the Special Reporting Trends: Greenwashing.

While many companies genuinely want to act sustainably, there are others who merely talk “green” without actually acting “green”. It’s precisely these companies that deceive the public with flashy advertising campaigns filled with green promises.

“The real issue arises when companies use ‘Green Speak’ to distract from their not-so-environmentally-friendly practices or to obscure deeper sustainability problems.”

But be warned!

By 2024, this game might come to an end: The EU is planning a ‘Green Claims Directive’ to compel companies to match their green advertising promises with actions. Ralf Frank emphasizes that true sustainability is characterized by three key elements: transparency, consistency, and proportionality.

The conclusion?

In a world craving genuine green, superficial promises are not only irrelevant but also harmful to a company’s image. It’s time for businesses to enact real change, not just talk about it.

Read the full article here or as PDF here (only in German).


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