Once you have developed your sustainability strategy and goals, it’s time to put them into action. We recommend breaking down your planning, performance management and monitoring efforts into clear, actionable tasks.

Define KPIs that will help you reach your goals. Set both qualitative and quantitative targets. Check your progress with sustainability performance metrics and regular assessments. Use science-based benchmarks and international standards to make your approach more credible.

Taking action can take many forms. We’ll help you work out the best way to proceed.

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Roadmaps and action plans

Sustainability issues should be addressed in a logical, structured way that also generates a return on investment. Defining your core priorities is only half the job. You also need to work out when and how to roll out tasks and objectives throughout the company in a way that will achieve those priorities. We’ll work with you to develop a step-by-step plan that clearly defines what actions should be taken when, by whom and how.

Sustainable supply chain management

Understanding the sustainability of your supply chain can be challenging, but it’s vital for truly sustainable value creation. You need to know where your suppliers are sourcing their materials and whether they uphold human and labor rights You may also be required to report on sustainability-related risks associated with your direct and indirect suppliers. We’ll show you how to engage with your supplier network beyond direct suppliers to find out the level of risk it entails and what mitigation strategies you can apply.

SDG implementation

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a shared understanding for sustainable development worldwide. You can use them to align your business strategies with global priorities. We’ll determine which SDGs are most relevant to your organization, identify indicators for tracking your impact on the SDGs, and improve your SDG reporting. We can even help you use the SDGs to drive your product and service innovation.

ESG data collection and analytics

Great business performance management requires solid environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. Armed with our expert tools and processes, you can collect and accurately analyze a wide range of ESG-related data. The results will enable you to derive meaningful conclusions that benefit your internal and external reporting, benchmarking and strategic planning. As a result, you can set better goals and improve company-wide performance.

Energy and greenhouse gas management

Greenhouse gas emissions are a common metric for assessing your company’s sustainability credentials. To reduce these emissions, you need a clear understanding of your energy usage and other activities that lead to direct or indirect CO2 equivalents. We’ll show you how to collect, compile and analyze your energy usage data and calculate a greenhouse gas inventory. We’ll also help you develop processes for managing your energy and emissions, so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Science-based targets

Science Based Targets are emissions reduction targets aligned with the latest scientific consensus regarding climate change and its impacts. To gain official recognition from the Science Based Targets initiative, you must propose targets based on comprehensive greenhouse gas inventories and incorporate global and sector-related contexts and trends. We can help you calculate and implement science-based targets and prepare your submission. Establishing science-based targets will position your company as a leader in the field of climate change mitigation.

Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessments (LCAs) provide in-depth information about the full environmental impact of your products or services. These insights enable you to identify opportunities for improvement, so you can make your product/service life cycles more sustainable. We’ll work out the best, most resource-efficient approach for each assessment and perform LCA calculations according to international standards and best practices.

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