Everything we do is designed to inspire meaningful change in the world every day.

We are a global management consulting firm that works with companies to integrate sustainability considerations into their long-term strategies, everyday operations and communications. We believe the need for sustainable development presents tough challenges and at the same time exciting business opportunities to companies that strive to understand and improve their impacts.   

What we believe in

Sustainable business practices are not just about environmental protection. Sustainability is a holistic approach that can generate value for your company, the environment and society as a whole. That’s why we’re working towards a world in which sustainable performance is the norm. We believe corporate sustainability should inform every business strategy, management process, performance metric and communication with internal and external stakeholders.

What we offer

We focus on understanding and managing the factors that drive your company’s value creation, and provide high-quality, strategic and practical support that enables you to integrate sustainability across your business and achieve your long-term objectives. Our engagements with clients are true collaborations—we share ideas freely, discuss the latest trends, and work with you and other relevant stakeholders to develop solutions.

Our approach covers all aspects of sustainable corporate value creation: from materiality assessments, sustainable strategy development and greenhouse gas accounting through to human rights due diligence, stakeholder engagement and GRI reporting.

Who we work with

Our clients range from regional companies to multinational corporations. They represent a wide variety of industries and come to us with all manner of challenges. What unites them is a desire to understand what sustainability means for their organization and how it can be implemented in a meaningful, efficient way. 

Where you can find us

We have offices in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. Our global presence enables us to stay informed about major developments in corporate sustainability, ensuring that we are always aware of the latest trends, best practices, policies and regulations.

What we contribute to sustainable development

Sustainserv believes in transparency and in being accountable to our clients, business partners and employees just as we encourage the companies we work for to do so themselves. In this spirit, the Sustainserv Integrated Sustainability Report 2020 describes what we contribute to sustainable development.

We can help you achieve your sustainability goals.
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