Our contribution to the oebu-online event with recommendations around the GRI standards

The updated GRI standards were published in October 2021 and must be applied by reporting companies as of January 1, 2023. At Sustainserv, we have already been able to accompany and implement the first sustainability reports according to the updated GRI standards. For this reason, our two experts Sibylle Umiker and Sarah Jensen were invited by öbu, the association for sustainable business, to give an online presentation on the updated GRI standards (in German).

The freely accessible recording of the event can be found here (in German):

Our recommendations for adapting sustainability reporting to the new GRI standards

Our recommendations for customers essentially comprise four points:

  1. Based on your most recent GRI report, perform a detailed gap analysis, particularly with regard to the increased governance reporting requirements.
  2. Undertake a new materiality analysis to determine the significance of your company’s impact on people and the planet.
  3. Conduct human rights due diligence and develop a human rights policy if not already in place.
  4. Adapt data and information collection to the new requirements early on.

The full presentation with a lot more information about the GRI standards can be found here (in German):

2022-06-01_öbu-Webinar_GRI Standards Update 2021_Handout


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