Outcomes of the Assessment of Swiss Companies’ Approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals

What do the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mean for Swiss companies? How do they approach the SDGs? What makes an approach good? We at Sustainserv investigated these and other questions as part of our assessment of how Swiss companies approach the SDGs.

We analyzed the publicly reported approaches of 196 Swiss companies with respect to their commit-ment to the SDGs, how intensely they engage with the SDGs, the type of their business goals, and the quality of their reporting about the SDGs.

In order to evaluate each company’s approach, we developed a scoring system that allows us to com-pare companies independent of their size and industry, as well as to put their respective approaches in the context of what we consider the ideal, “best practice” approach.

Our assessment reveals a discrepancy between the good intentions and the actual integration of the SDGs in company practice. Swiss companies still have a lot of work to do to contribute to achieving the SDGs. Only 30 percent of all the evaluated Swiss companies and 37 percent of all companies that report on sustainability addressed the SDGs. The 58 Swiss companies that do address the SDGs re-ceived an average score of 9.2, which corresponds to 40 percent of the maximum score of 23.

The SDGs that are most frequently prioritized are:

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