Lunch & Learn: How Participation in Environmental Research Can Drive Workforce Engagement and Sustainability

Businesses realize the growing importance of employee engagement. Increased productivity, low turnover, and strong corporate culture are all results of an engaged and committed workforce.  The challenge lies in finding approaches to employee engagement that align with corporate values and create long-lasting impacts.

In this roundtable lunch workshop, we will describe state-of-the-art employee engagement initiatives, including green teams, gamification and Earthwatch will present their Corporate Partnerships program. This program provides opportunities for companies such as EY, Alcoa, UPS and HSBC to send employees on exciting, transformative, research-focused projects where they learn about a particular ecological challenge such as climate change or ocean health. In addition to participating in hands-on research, employees can engage in facilitated discussions that educate them about the company’s sustainability strategy and focus on integrating sustainability initiatives within their day-to-day jobs.

Whether you are interested in fostering a culture of passion and loyalty, boosting environmental sustainability, or improving employee engagement, this is a great opportunity to learn more about Earthwatch’s many programs and our approach to corporate sustainability, while meeting others in the sustainability space!

Date: Thursday, September 26th
Time: 11:30AM – 1:30PM
Location: 31 State Street, 10th Floor, Boston, MA

Lunch will be provided and validated parking available at the Garage at Post Office Square.

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Diana Eddowes, Senior Program Manager: Diana joined Earthwatch about 10 years ago and has worked on many corporate programs in various capacities throughout her years. Currently she works on sustainability programs for Earthwatch’s largest corporate partner, HSBC Bank in which she manages the partnership and associated research projects in North America. In the past she has also managed Earthwatch’s partnerships with EY, Alcoa and UPS which all aim to engage corporate employees in environmental education and research. At Earthwatch she has facilitated many teams in the field and is also a member of the International Incident Management Team. Diana has extensive experience with project management, developing new programs, budgeting, relationship management, risk management and facilitation. Diana has a Master’s degree in Conservation and Biodiversity from the University of Exeter and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Boston University.

Gitte Venicx, Director of Strategic Partnerships: Gitte joined Earthwatch in 2008. In her role she manages relationships with corporations and other partners to build sustainability leaders within businesses. She has experience implementing employee engagement programs with companies such as HSBC Bank, Alcoa, UPS, and IBM. She has managed Earthwatch’s STEM programs to empower future generations and provide them with the tools needed to combat the greatest environmental challenges the world has faced. She has worked with scientists and field staff to develop safe and rewarding citizen science expedition experiences. Prior to Earthwatch, she worked on climate change policy at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Gitte has a degree in Environmental Science from Boston University.

Matthew Gardner, Managing Partner of Sustainserv: As a Founder and Managing Partner of Sustainserv, Matt applies his background in environmental science and education to bring a practical perspective to sustainability strategy development, quantifying sustainability impacts, and state-of-the-art sustainability communication. In his work he employs a multidisciplinary approach that couples technical, quantitative expertise with a commitment to clear and concise communication. He has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and spent ten years in environmental research and education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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