The Reporting Times: Sustainability at Orell Füssli

“Tradition, complemented by systematic transparency.”

The Orell Füssli Group, with a history spanning over 500 years and pioneering in the fields of security and education, has made pivotal strides in its sustainability reporting. Although lacking a systematic approach to capturing non-financial performance until recently, they swiftly developed practical solutions for transparent non-financial reporting in collaboration with Sustainserv. These solutions take into account the diversity and complexity of their business areas.

Orell Füssli operates a range of businesses, from producing banknotes for national banks to holding stakes in bookstores throughout German-speaking Switzerland. Recognizing their crucial societal role, they conducted a dual materiality analysis to pinpoint issues vital for both business success and their impact on the economy, environment, and society.

Despite initial challenges in data collection for reporting, the company placed a strong emphasis on a consistent approach to both financial and non-financial data. Future efforts focus on integrating sustainability metrics into existing measurement systems and complying with new legal requirements.

Read the whole article by Reto Janser, CFO Orell Füssli Group, and Dr. Bernd Kasemir from Sustainserv in The Reporting Times here (only in German)


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