Conference Board Webcast: Telling Your Sustainability Story Part Two

Sustainserv Director Jeff Gowdy will serve as a panelist on the Conference Board Webcast: Telling Your Sustainability Story Part Two on Thursday, December 9, 9– 10 AM Eastern.

This summer, The Conference Board issued a report on telling the sustainability story and four practical guides on (1) determining what goes into the story, (2) conveying the story authentically and effectively, (3) telling the story reliably (including through effective stakeholder engagement), and (4) dealing with the 3 R’s of regulations, reporting frameworks, and ESG rating agencies. The report and guides captured insights and guidance from surveys and a working group involving over 300 executives from 150 companies over the span of ten months.

Part One of this webcast focused on the first two of the four topics listed above. In Part Two, the webcast will focus on telling the sustainability story reliably and dealing with the 3 “Rs.”

In this installment of this webcast series, participants will:

  • Better understand how to effectively engage with different stakeholders, including utilizing digital media and technology to enhance two-way communication and engagement.
  • Learn how to demonstrate and prove transparency, especially in the face of headwinds and during a sustainability-related crisis.
  • Discover whether and how to use external sustainability assurance services.
  • Learn how companies are preparing for increased and multitiered regulation of ESG disclosure and responding to the proliferation of ESG rating firms.

The webcast is open to the public and complimentary for both ESG Center Members and non-members to attend. It’s broadcasted live and made available to watch on-demand 24-48 hours after the program.

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