CCR 12th Geschäftsberichte-Symposium

The Geschäftsberichte-Symposium (GBS) attracts more than 300 decision-makers, experts and practitioners in the field of corporate reporting to its annual event. This year’s hybrid event promises its participants inspiration, current trends and best-practice cases for the next reporting season under the motto “Navigating the stakeholder jungle.”

Organized by the Center for Corporate Reporting, Sustainserv is a Gold partner for this conference. We are coordinating and facilitating the best-practice session “Integrated Reporting: The basics from a CEO perspective.” Participants will learn first-hand what it takes to develop an integrated report, and the benefits integrated reporting offers compared to classic corporate reporting. René Zahnd, CEO of Swiss Prime Site, will take you on their journey through the integrated reporting and management process, which he now considers indispensable for the future viability of Swiss Prime Site. Sustainserv Director Manuela Huck-Wettstein will then illustrate the steps to develop an integrated report and, ultimately, integrated management.

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