CCR 11th Geschäftsberichte-Symposium

The Geschäftsberichte-Symposium (GBS) attracts more than 300 decision-makers, experts, and practitioners in the field of corporate reporting to its annual event which is held digitally for the first time in 2020. This year’s conference motto is “Impact – nothing else matter.” Companies are called upon to fully understand and manage the consequences of their business activities in economic, ecological and social terms.

  • How can companies credibly substantiate the strategic and operational effects of their core business?
  • Do owners or management shoulder the responsibility?

At this event organized by the Center for Corporate Reporting we are a Gold partner. We are also coordinating and facilitating the best practice session “Driving impact – leveraging reporting as a catalyst for change.” Participants gain insights from two companies that have made reporting an important part of their business: UBS shares how its integrated annual report is centered around the company’s business model, and the Swiss Post shows how it uses a materiality assessment aligned with the SDGs to focus both their CSR strategy and report. The discussion allows participants to learn how both companies use the reporting process to change the way they think about their purpose and impacts.

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