Prof. Dr. Ralf Frank

After more than 17 years as Managing Director of the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (DVFA), Ralf Frank is an expert on ESG requirements and developments in the financial industry. His expertise includes accounting, sustainable finance, investment analysis, corporate reporting, and regulatory developments in the financial sector. Ralf is also Professor of … Continued

Jeff Gowdy

Jeff Gowdy is a thought leader and award winning practitioner in sustainability and CSR, particularly in the areas of reporting, goal setting, and materiality. He serves on the Boards of the One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) and Energy Datametrics and teaches at Vanderbilt. He has led hundreds of sustainability projects, dating back to 2002, across all … Continued

Jennifer Gaussmann

Jennifer Gaussmann has about 15 years of experience in financial reporting in the capital market and advises companies on sustainability reporting and strategy development. Prior to joining Sustainserv, Jennifer worked as a financial analyst as well as for listed companies in financial market communications. In her position as Investor Relations Manager, she contributed to the … Continued

Sibylle Umiker

Having managed communications for major Swiss companies for about 20 years, Sibylle Umiker brings her experience and personal enthusiasm for precise language and efficient processes to all Sustainserv reporting services and client projects. Before joining Sustainserv, Sibylle worked for the Zurich Cantonal Bank and Emmi, Switzerland’s largest dairy, where she served as a communication specialist … Continued

Oleksandr Kit

Oleksandr Kit combines climate science, IT, geospatial & data analytics, and sustainable finance backgrounds in a set of skills targeted at helping Sustainserv clients to address climate change risks and sustainable development requirements. Prior to joining Sustainserv Oleksandr led a team of technology experts at a sustainability consultancy in Frankfurt, worked as a consultant for … Continued

Heather Ruiz

Heather Ruiz applies her strong technical background to manage a wide variety of projects for Sustainserv’s corporate clients. Her areas of expertise include materiality assessments, data analytics, GRI reporting and sustainable supply chains. Heather joined the Sustainserv Boston office after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Facilities Planning and Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Prior … Continued

Cristina Mendoza

Cristina Mendoza is an experienced strategy and sustainability consultant. Her particular expertise includes greenhouse gas accounting, sustainability reporting and strategic program development. Cristina is an expert advisor of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) Sustainability Roundtable, Chair of the Environmental Business Council (EBC) Ascending Professionals Committee and Board Member and Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair of … Continued

Christoph Gau

Christoph Gau has a profound background in accounting and financial reporting and advises companies at the interface of financial and sustainability reporting. Before joining Sustainserv, he managed projects in the financial reporting department of a global healthcare & medtech company. Christoph brings his experience and motivation into the development of efficient reporting processes, capital allocation … Continued

Aidan Kilpatrick

Prior to joining Sustainserv, Aidan Kilpatrick gained experience in roles in the field of ESG consulting and research. He is a graduate of Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Climate Change, and a minor in Management. From his coursework in climate science, environmental policy, and management operations, … Continued

Cecilia Barnes

Before joining the Sustainserv team, Cecilia Barnes graduated from Middlebury College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Education Studies. While at Middlebury, Cecilia took a multitude of environmental studies classes. Her past experiences in crafting and presenting local sustainability legislation and serving on a sustainable procurement committee in college provide … Continued

Sasha Hagan

Before joining the Sustainserv team, Sasha Hagan graduated from The University of Miami Herbert Business School with a Master of Science in Sustainability Business. While at The University of Miami, Sasha was a member of The Green Grad Group and the Sustainable Business Club. She also worked with the American Red Cross to reduce plastic … Continued

Christoph Thölenjohann

Christoph Thölenjohann advises companies on the development of sustainability strategies including decarbonization, materiality assessments and sustainability reporting. Before joining Sustainserv, he accumulated a wealth of sustainability knowledge in his work in the aviation and real estate industries. Christoph holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography from the Goethe University Frankfurt and a Master’s degree … Continued

Jamie Banks

Jamie Banks employs a variety of skills and tools to identify qualitative and quantitative data trends to meet and surpass customers’ needs. His areas of expertise include data collection and analysis, life cycle assessments (LCAs), materiality assessments and sustainability reporting. He has used these skills on projects across various industries, from manufacturing to waste management. … Continued

Meike Zimmermann

Based on her interdisciplinary background and experiences in policymaking, Meike Zimmermann supports companies in developing sustainability strategies and reports, as well as materiality assessments. Prior to her position at Sustainserv, Meike worked for a non-governmental organization and the European Parliament, both located in Brussels. She has valuable insight into environmental, energy and climate policymaking. Meike … Continued

Robert Bütler

Robert is a climate strategy enthusiast and believes in system thinking and applicable solutions. Before joining Sustainserv, he supported firms and governmental bodies in developing and implementing carbon and climate mitigation strategies. Previous experience also includes cutting-edge digitization projects in the financial sector. His client-driven approach helps companies implement multi-faceted strategy, monitoring, and reporting concepts. … Continued

Sarah Jensen

Sarah Jensen supports companies in strategy development, materiality assessments and sustainability reporting. She works from a comprehensive perspective and has a strong personal interest in sustainability that has been enhanced through studies and work assignments in Denmark, Mexico, Bangladesh and Uganda. Prior to joining Sustainserv, Sarah worked for an organization that supports companies with expansion … Continued

Vinzenz Fanger

Vinzenz strives to work with companies to develop solution-oriented and legally compliant sustainability approaches that support them in the transition to a sustainable economy. He assists companies in implementing multi-layered concepts in strategy, implementation, monitoring and reporting. Prior to joining Sustainserv, he advised companies on a broad range of legal and economic issues at a … Continued

Maëlle Mühlethaler

Maëlle discovered her passion for corporate sustainability and non-financial reporting while attending a continuous education. Thanks to the gained know-how she got the opportunity to analyze the non-financial reporting of about 20 Swiss companies for a reporting benchmark. Maëlle also wrote her thesis based on that project. Before joining Sustainserv, Maëlle worked for an international … Continued

Lara Crawford

Lara joined Sustainserv in January 2023 as Operations Manager, a role where she plans and oversees the company’s daily operations to ensure our goals and objectives are achieved. In addition to hiring and training new employees, Lara coordinates teams to foster the exchange of ideas and promote cross-team learning opportunities. She also inspires and motivates … Continued