Pivot Goals: Free, Open and Essential Data for ESG Research

Setting ESG goals and establishing strategic plans to reach those goals is an important activity for companies wishing to position themselves as ethical, responsible and forward-looking organizations. As more Fortune-listed companies set ESG-related goals, a consolidated, online repository of goals is valuable to the global business community as a resource to understand how others are goal setting and their progress against those targets. Pivot Goals, a database of all the ESG targets set by US Fortune 250 and Global Fortune 200 companies, offers just that.

An initiative of Winston Eco-Strategies and Sustainserv

In 2012, Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco-Strategies and author of several best-selling green business books (Green to Gold, The Big Pivot), recognized a need to aggregate ESG goals into an information hub, where anyone could see the goals of other leading companies. Because companies that have pioneered the field of ESG goal setting are also typically committed to transparency, Winston knew that having access to the data wouldn’t be the challenge. Rather, it would be the sheer labor in involved in gathering, analyzing and categorizing the data into a useful tool.

In 2019, a partnership with Winston Eco-Strategies was forged when Sustainserv acquired J. Gowdy Consulting. Sustainserv subsequently increased its support of Pivot Goals and its mission of maintaining an accurate and updated ESG goal database of the world’s leading companies.

“We are delighted to be a partner and support Pivot Goals. As a company committed to furthering sustainability around the world, we know how invaluable this kind of data is to companies taking on the challenge of setting ESG goals for the first time. We are happy to help keep this resource updated and openly available.”

– Matthew Gardner, Managing Partner at Sustainserv

ESG goals have more than tripled in eight years

The Pivot Goals data base now lists over 4200 goals, a substantial increase from the 1300 goals listed just eight years ago. The database can be searched by any of its 28 different goal categories (or combination of categories), such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy and human rights. Users also can search across dozens of macro- or micro-industries. As of January 2021, Pivot Goals contains newly updated goals for both Fortune lists.

Pivot Goals increases participation in ESG goal setting

A public record of updated ESG goals is proving to have great value to companies interested in establishing or bolstering their own goals, so that they may benchmark themselves against respected companies in their industries. Pivot Goals makes this data far more accessible by doing the leg work of gathering data, organizing it into a simple tool and making it freely available.

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