Podcast – ESG Primer for New England & Beyond

We are pleased to present this two part podcast series with our Managing Partner Dr. Matthew Gardner and Senior Consultant Cristina Mendoza, that gives a great primer on ESG and corporate sustainability. They dive into how ESG is affecting the New England marketplace and where ESG regulation is headed. The conclusion: whether you’re a large company or small, you’re probably facing pressure to ‘up your ESG game’. 

“If you’re a small, private company being asked by a larger company to disclose ESG metrics, you’re going to have to make the decision of how to (start building that) into your company.”

Cristina Mendoza, Senior Consultant

ESG Primer for New England & Beyond – Part One, October 16, 2023

In part two the focus turns to ESG as a career path. They explore various career opportunities in the ESG space and the essential skills required, from people skills to problem-solving. Gain insight into what hiring managers seek in students pursuing ESG careers and discover the significance of a genuine passion for ESG initiatives.

“Employees want to work for companies with whom they share values, and we see that a lot, especially in younger people. They want to associate themselves with companies that are responsible, ethical, and thinking about climate change.”

Dr. Matthew Gardner, Managing Partner

ESG Primer for New England & Beyond – Part Two, ESG as a Career Path, October 30, 2023


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