RBI counterproposal leads to new reality in Swiss sustainability reporting

In the vote on November 29, 2020, the so-called Corporate Responsibility Initiative (RBI) failed despite the support of a majority of the cantons. As a result, the indirect RBI counterproposal was enacted, which will result in certain reporting and due diligence obligations for Swiss companies from 2023 onward. Many of our clients are concerned about … Continued

Riding the wave of non-financial reporting requirements in a way that adds value

For a long time, non-financial reporting was a neglected aspect of corporate reporting. This has changed rapidly. The wave of current requirements – NFRD, CSRD, KVI counterproposal, TCFD, taxonomy – has swelled, posing significant challenges to companies. As with surfing, the right technique and preparation are essential to use this energy profitably. The value this … Continued

EFG Sustainability Report 2021


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