Where is Everybody?

Take a walk at night and turn your gaze to the sky overhead. Behind the stars we can see, there are billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars. The little blue and green planet you stand on is the only one known to  create, support, and sustain life. As renowned physicist, Enrico Fermi, once … Continued

Roper Technologies 2022 ESG Update Report

Zur Rose Group Sustainability Report 2022

Best Practice Session: Legally compliant and attractive climate reporting – a paradox?

As every year, Sustainserv had the privilege to lead a practice session at the annual reporting symposium of the Center for Corporate Reporting. This year we took up the topic ‘Legally compliant and attractive climate reporting – a paradox?’. In it, we summarized the key requirements for climate reporting in Switzerland and the EU and … Continued

Warteck Annual Report 2022

When Climate comes to bear

ESG is mainstream, climate reporting well on its way there ESG has gained considerable importance in the capital markets in recent years. According to the Global Sustainable Investing Alliance (GSIA), by 2020, 35% of all professionally managed assets worldwide, i.e. 35.3 tr. USD, sustainable. In terms of disclosure by companies, ESG is well on its … Continued

Tom’s of Maine 2022 Goodness Report

Kadant 2022 Annual CSR Report


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