Sustainserv Staticus Sustainability Strategy Construction

Creating an integrated sustainability strategy for the construction company Staticus

An integrated sustainability strategy combines both business and environmental and social goals in a cohesive framework which creates value for suppliers, staff, clients, and other stakeholders, and for the business itself.

The Reporting Times - GRI Standards 2021 Pioneer

Pioneer application of the new GRI Standards 2021 for non-financial reporting

LGT, the bank owned by the Liechtenstein Princely Family, has extensive experience in the management of family assets and committed itself to the topic of sustainability in the financial sector at an early stage. Long-term thinking and action have always been core elements of its business activities. Thus, sustainability initiatives are practiced at LGT on … Continued

Interview Partner sustainserv

20 Years Sustainserv – A conversation with the founding partners

Sustainserv was founded 20 years ago on the principle that sustainability generates value for companies, the environment and society. To that end, we stay on the cutting edge of corporate sustainability trends to inform our work and provide timely insights and guidance to our clients. Over the years, we have found our footing as a … Continued